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Category: SEO

It is a basic fact that keyword research is an integral part of an advanced strategy for your SEO. But even if it is one of the most important process, it doesn’t necessarily have to be long, nor should it be costly nor tedious and backbreaking. There are free tools that can help you with this. Read More

The ecommerce industry is expanding with every passing day and along with it the importance of ecommerce SEO has increased. The requirements of SEO for the ecommerce industry are somewhat different than traditional websites. So let’s take a look at some of the common SEO problems faced by the ecommerce industry and how to overcome them.
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There are plenty of ways in which local SEO may be used to boost your business prospects. However, there are some strategies that stand out. The first step is to use keywords. These keywords should ideally be related to your business – the more specific it is, the better it is. The keywords should be able to define what you do, thus helping the local users narrow down on your company when they are looking with that particular keyword. Some examples of specific keywords would be Boulder Colorado restaurants or Sommelier course New York. Read More


Joomla is currently the most widely used content management system (CMS) after WordPress. Consequently there are many people who prefer to get their business sites designed with Joomla. A search engine friendly Joomla website can be created with the help of a good quality Joomla template, sitemap, robots.txt, meta tags, great content and search engine friendly URLs. Joomla website developers and SEO specialists make use of catchy content, superior web design, well chosen Joomla templates and effective usage of targeted keywords to improve a site’s ranking.

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Are you the owner of a startup business who is looking to make a strong impact in the online world? Then it is high probability that you need to meet your goals with a tight budget. As the online world opens up great opportunities for companies to market their brands, more business houses within a specific segment try to compete with each other to attract the attention of their potential customers. In a medium where the users are greatly in control of what they want to view or not view, it can be really challenging to reach out to potential customers. Here are some ways in which a company can come up with an effective online marketing strategy even on a tight budget.
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