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Website redesigning services to revamp your website and convert leads to customers


In the ever-changing world of online business and to cope up with the changing requirements of the web surfers, it is required to update the website periodically. If your website is lacking the various marketing strategies like the website is not describing the various details regarding the products or the services that you are offering through your website or the website is lacking various functionalities, good content or an elegant look; that suggests your website needs website redesign service.

How WHTL serves as the best Website Redesigning

How WHTL serves as the best Website Redesigning Company?

Redesigning websites is important to enhance web appearance as well as to convert the leads to buyers. If you are in search of a perfect website that will solve every requirement of your fellow customers, then probably you need to re-design your website to fit with the present market needs. Change the look of your website with WHTL, the Website Development Company in Bangalore that offers services such as Website Redesigning, Website Development, Website Designing and many more services and see the response from your viewers.

We possess a professional and experienced team of Web Designers in Bangalore, India who understands your business needs and the changing concepts and principles and provides the best website redesign services.Websites should be redesigned in order

  • Change the look of the website
  • To add new and latest features
  • To announce various new Offers, Product, Services and Discounts
  • To get more traffic
  • To improve page rank
  • Provide a user friendly website
  • To check the page load time
  • Check bugs, broken links and missing links
  • Etc.


Look of the website should be modified periodically so that the visitors are curious all the time to know ‘what’s new’ in your website. We offer critical services in web redesigning such as:

  • Website AnalysisWebsite Analysis
  • Competative AnalysisCompetitors Analysis
  • Content OptimizationContent optimization
  • Layout OptimizationLayout optimization
  • Page NavigationNavigation between the pages
  • Website PerformanceOverall performance of the website

Why choose WHTL for Website Redesigning?

Our talented web designers weave the website in an outstanding way that improves the graphics, usability, and the overall performance of the website and in turn it can also make the website incredible. We do not want your website to get lost from the world wide web, only due to the fact that your website is not providing enough information regarding the products or it is not appealing enough to catch the eye of the visitors. So in order to give new looks to your website, you can always approach us for website redesigning services. Our team of web design experts, will be happy to serve you.




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