Best ways to overcome SEO challenges of e-Commerce Websites

By | 21 Jun |Categories: Digital Marketing, E-Commerce, Online Marketing, SEO|

The ecommerce industry is expanding with every passing day and along with it the importance of ecommerce SEO has increased. The requirements of SEO for the ecommerce industry are somewhat different than traditional websites. So [...]

Ноw tо increase Revenue frоm уоur Ecommerce online store?

By | 13 Mar |Categories: E-Commerce|Tags: , , |

Sometimes І hаvе а tendency tо over-complicate things. For example, whеn creating а strategy fоr an eCommerce business – e.g. аn online contemporary furniture store – І bесаmе overwhelmed wіth thе perceived complexities оf thе [...]

Adding a custom attribute/column to the orders grid in Magento admin

By | 16 Jan |Categories: E-Commerce, Magento|Tags: , , |

The Order grid in Magento admin (its under Sales -> Orders) displays following columns by default: Order # Purchased On Bill to Name Ship to Name Shipping Country G.T. (Base) G.T. (Purchased) Status Action Do [...]

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