10 Little Changes that will make a big difference for your Healthcare WordPress Website Development

As a doctor or a medical practitioner, you must develop a strong presence in the online world to grow your practice. To do that, you must have a website that can help you to reach out to your potential patients. You can choose WordPress for your healthcare website development project as it is one of the most widely used CMS platforms and is extremely versatile and flexible.

Creating a powerful impression in the minds of your online audience can go a long way in bringing you, potential patients. It does not have to be a head-scratcher or a difficult thing to come up with a successful website. By following the guidelines described below, you can not only have a successful medical practice but also help your patients to live healthier and happier lives.

Create a concise value proposition statement for your website headline

One of the first things that you need to do when you are setting up your WordPress healthcare website is to come up with a value proposition statement. It states the type of healthcare service and quality you have to offer. You need to inform your patients about the value that you can bring to their lives and the way you can offer them the best healthcare treatment. Therefore, the value proposition is all about making a good impression in the minds of your audience. Your proposition statement does not have to be too creative to make an impact. As long as it clearly describes what you are capable of doing, it should work just fine. By letting your audience know about the benefits you can offer and the problems you can resolve, you can encourage them to get in touch with you.

Forms for booking sessions and appointments

Adding forms that can help your patients’ book appointments from the comfort of their homes is an excellent way to boost your business. Since they are very clear and user-friendly, even patients and end-users love the experience of booking their appointments in this manner. The appointment booking forms can also be integrated with your calendar so that you have no trouble managing all your appointments.

Contact Information and Opening Hours

You should clearly state the opening hours of your clinic and the contact details on your website so that your patients can easily see them at a glance. This can help them to immediately make plans as to when they can come down to your clinic and avail of your medical attention and services. While it is true that your patients can still communicate with you over the phone and the internet to seek medical advice, it is more convenient for both you and them to discuss health matters face to face. Instead of just putting the contact details on the Contact Us page, make sure that you present such information at strategic areas on every page so that they can be easily seen.

Responsive Design

Responsive design works as a powerful web design technique through which your patients can have a seamless viewing experience no matter the viewing device that they are using. This means that through responsive design it is possible to view your website easily on mobile smartphones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. Since a lot of people mostly use their smartphones and tablets these days to browse the internet, it is a practical way of ensuring that you have a greater number of satisfied customers. Unless your website is responsively designed, you are making things difficult for people when they are trying to know about your business.

Academic Credentials

When people get in touch with you for medical assistance, they need to have the confidence in you that you can deliver them the best medical care and support. Therefore, you must mention your academic credentials as well as of the other doctors that work in your team.

Medical areas that you and your team specialize in

When your patients consult you for getting a specific type of health matter, they need to know the type of services you offer. For instance, if you are a dentist, your patients may want to know whether you have experience with a root canal, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants. If you are a foot doctor, they would like to know if you treat foot ailments like arthritis, heel pains, ankle problems, and foot skin issues. You can have small sections of information about various medical sections on the website and also provide a Learn More button so that they can check out more detailed information.

Patient Resources Section

Your WordPress medical website should not only be a vehicle for you to attract new patients but also bring value to them in multiple ways. You should create a Patient Resources section with information on various matters like basic appointment procedures and accepted payment methods and health insurance.

Information about Urgent Care

Many times, patients may require medical care on an urgent basis and patients should be helped with that. For this reason, you should create a section on your site where you tell your patients about the steps they can take in such urgent situations. This may include anything from visiting the local emergency room to guiding them about things that they can do at home to bring instant relief to the patient. If you provide any kind of urgent care, you should mention that as well.

Patient testimonials 

People depend a lot on testimonials and reviews to know if the services offered by a clinic are good or not. You can have a section on your homepage that mentions the patient testimonials as they can bring you, new patients.

A news section or blog page 

By maintaining a blog section on your site, you can provide information to patients about the latest cutting-edge research and development carried out in the field of medicine you specialize in. Blog posts on various medical matters also enhance your credibility as a practitioner. Additionally, when these blog posts are optimized in Google, they can fetch you, new patients, easily.

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