Content is king! This cliché sentence you may have heard and even used several times – but if you observe that this simple phrase or sentence has the power to summarize the significant importance of content. Speaking of ‘Content’ you must understand that it is not just the information text on a website and social media but, it also, includes images, videos, and any source of the message that conveys details about your business, brand, and company.

Now the question arises what is the value of content before website design?

Although there is no such strict rule to develop the content before designing the website, the content decides the tone and structure of any webpage. You can think clearer and design the pages according to the content. The branding and product details are the foundation of any website. You cannot change the content to synchronize with the images rather, it is the other way around.

Let’s understand this approach better by knowing the importance of content in websites.

Why content before website design?

Content is the primary reason for converting visitors into leads. The success of any webpage is dependent on the headlines, taglines, brand name, and how interesting the copy is. The designs, images, videos, and other elements on the webpage fall in the second category. Imagine a webpage full of attractive images without any text – the ideas will mislead the visitors. Only the right content can define the purpose of these images and videos.

Start content creation by identifying the high-value customers and then plan the silhouette of the website. Because the taglines, captions, and slogans on the web pages are customer-centric so you cannot decide the images before the text. The text must attract, engage and impress the visitors to become potential clients. When you decide what is the purpose of the webpage then you can start working on the blueprint of the site. Content is the blueprint of the website.

What are copywriting and copyrighting?

Great content is the key to all closed doors of the business. you must hire professional content developers to deliver clean and relevant copywriting material. Do not confuse between these two terms – Copywrite vs. copyright. Copywrite is the text or information that the content developer creates for marketing. And copyright is the legit right you obtain to convert the ordinary Copywrite into intellectual property.

When you are trying to achieve a successful website then it is advisable to secure both Copywrite and copyright. When you hire an expert copywrite material then get the patent from the attorney to copyright the material. This is a smart way of securing the taglines, captions, and product information from becoming duplicates.

What are the crucial elements of relevant content?

Goal-oriented content:

The foremost element of good copy is staying goal- oriented. Who is your target audience, what is the purpose of the webpage, and what is the best possible information you can share – the content must answer all these questions. You must create the content in such a manner that your readers have something to take home. Ensure that you target your customers when drafting the content. A customer persona is particularly important for designing the content of any web page.

Readability is the key:

Draft the content with catchy headlines, subheadings, and taglines to entice the readers. However, avoid using confusing words and jargon, you do not want the visitor to sit with a dictionary. Keep the content simple, crisp but niche. Ease of readability is the foremost requirement of any content on the websites. Give your readers a perfect mix of short paragraphs, bullet points, subheadings – basically loads of white space between texts.

SEO is imperative:

The use of SEO techniques is also an especially essential element of any successful content. Incorporate the right keywords and similar terms to optimize the page traffic on search engines. You can try using the Google keyword planner or bind keyword research tool to find out the long and short-tail keywords. Placement of the keywords is very crucial – do not overdo it.

Focus on Brand:

Keep the text brand-appropriate – this means you cannot use the same language tone for a health article and legal article. Make sure that the content of your web page understands the brand and has consistency. Always plan engaging content. For example – start your article with a question, “What hair color suits your skin the best?” and end the with an action, “Book your appointment now and get a 15% discount on all products.” Here you are encouraging the visitors to register and converting them into leads (potential customers). Remember only great content can do this.

Gadget and Tech compatibility:

Ensure that you design web pages that are compatible with mobile phones also. More visitors browse on phones and tablets than using laptops and desktops. Also, optimize the speed of the page loading – a slow page distracts the visitor and pushes them to other websites.

Exploit social media:

Make the most of social media and share the URL on all the possible platforms. Social media is one of the simplest and fastest modes of spreading the word. You can either share the link directly or share the offers that direct the visitors to your landing page.

The wrap

Always proofread your content several times before you send it for final upload. Use all the possible grammar check tools as the last thing you want your webpage is a spelling or punctuation mistake. A shabby copy is a major put-off for any visitor.

Keep a check on the website post-launch to understand customer behavior. Tweak the content as and when required. When you monitor your website, it helps in identifying the key performance indicators (KPIs) that assist in understanding the clients better.

Avoid using stock photography, whenever possible, as it becomes very cliché and common. Try to use original images – you either click your pictures or design the illustrations using software to give authentic content to your customers.

Lastly, invest in hiring a great web designing company in Bangalore that provides engaging content and also attractive images to turn your website into a grand success.

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