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Web designing is a dynamic field that is always going through a lot of changes. The aesthetic philosophies transform from time to time to accommodate the needs of an evolving audience and changes in technology requires designers to keep up with them. Over the last few years, we have seen many new design trends evolve and many of them are taking new shapes now to dictate the design philosophies for the future.

Here is some of the most interesting web designing trends that we can expect to develop in the year 2018.

Web animation

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Web animation is one of the trends that we need to look out for in 2018. Experts agree about the fact that more businesses will use web animations in their desktop and mobile websites in the coming year to engage their audience in innovative ways. The reason for this is that animations have the power to communicate complex ideas in a simple way within a short amount of time. Moreover, designers and animators these days have got access to numerous great tools that make it easier for them to create great animations. When used correctly, web animations can work as an excellent branding tool and generate greater success for a company. Animated GIFs can be used in a number of interesting ways like creating logos and other forms of animations that can work to promote a company.

Innovative typography


Websites are likely to experiment with new forms of typography much more now than ever before. Typography can serve as an extremely powerful tool to communicate business message and create a unique aesthetic look. While the classic typography styles are still in vogue, new styles are also getting more popular. Plenty of business websites are likely to try out outlandish and unorthodox typography styles that create a stylish and dynamic look. Additionally, we can also see designers working on typography cutouts and coming up with interesting ways to use colors with fonts.

Exploring a wide range of exciting colors


In the coming year, we are likely to see greater use of dynamic and bold colors used in various digital platforms. This is a rather sharp departure from traditional design philosophy where colors were often used in a conservative manner. Colors will not only be used to deliver an aesthetically pleasing experience to the audience but also to make sure that they can be encouraged to make purchases while online. New methods of using colors are currently being explored that can help to customize the look and feel of the websites.

Playful and easygoing illustrations

Simple illustration

In the recent times, we have seen an ever expansive use of illustrations since they help brands to stand out from others and develop their own personality. It is always a great idea to make use of illustrations as they can effectively engage the audience in a visual manner while at the same time remains simple and functional. They are dynamic, entertaining and can communicate important messages without being overbearing at the same time.

When used correctly, illustrations can serve as practical methods of presenting different types of information. They not only make a website look interesting but also create a powerful human touch which saves the content from being dry and tedious.

Advanced information designing

Information design

The previous year has seen great leaps and bounds of development in the sphere of design and data visualization. Numerous companies have already taken to 3D visualizations for their data representation needs. However, with all of these developments it has now become necessary much more than ever before to come up with effective storytelling methods that can be conveyed through stylish but simplistic designs so that they can be used to reach out to a large base of audience. The easy availability of new technological means is going to allow designers to come up with superior quality animations. We are also likely to see increased application of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) that can be used for creating virtual models for various projects. The effective combination of design and data science will help in formulating better models of data visualization. New tools and programs used for data visualization can help in creating journalistic and storytelling forms of visualizations.

Asymmetric layouts


Over the last few years, responsive designing has become the norm in the sphere of web designing and all websites now adhere to that. However, designers have been trying to come up with innovative ways to create beautiful websites while at the same time adhering to the rules associated with responsive designing. It is due to this reason that many designers now work with asymmetric layouts as this enable them to come up with web designs that are unique and one of a kind. It also allows designers to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in web designing.