Sure, you have a great online shopping website and enjoy getting loads of visitors every day. Strangely that does not help to increase your profits in the least. What is the problem here then? Well, you might be shocked to learn that a good number of prospective shoppers that visit your well stocked e-commerce site are not averse to adding multiple items on their shopping cart and then suddenly log out of your website, abandoning the carts for good. Well, it certainly does not augur well for your website. However, you can gain some solace by knowing that you are not alone. Statistics reveal that almost 75% online shoppers choose to abandon their shopping cart without any rhyme or reason.

Stop Shoppers from discarding their Shopping Cart

No worries though you can take a few steps in order to minimize this phenomenon and get your business thriving once again. Here is what you can do…

Find out the underlying reasons first.  There are a number of motives behind discarding the shopping card though. Remember that comparison with competitor site may be a prime reason for your visitors to decide against buying products from you while higher shipping costs may find the visitors stay away too. There may be a hundred underlying causes that discourage an online shopper from making a purchase. You may not be able to promote your products actively on a one to one basis when you want to sell virtually but there are few steps that you can take in order to lessen the instances of viewing without purchasing. Do check out the tips below…

  • You have to ascertain that navigating your site is simple with the visitors being able to add to the card easily while browsing through the products.
  • Being able to check the card in between adding fresh items is an activity that almost all visitors yearn for. So, remember to add such a feature along with an easy to check out and order button at the end of each session of shopping online.
  • Being compelled to register is an aspect that all visitors dislike strongly. So, do not make it a necessity. Instead, make your e-commerce site user friendly so that the visitors can make purchases without having to bother with registration.
  • Having a prominent ‘save’ button at every step of online shopping seems to be advantageous for the visitor who can leave and then return to complete the transaction at their convenience.
  • It might also help to offer a free shipping and handling fee deals based on the purchase amount. Shoppers will definitely be encouraged by this offer and try to buy products that exceed the said amount. However, you can also negotiate with your suppliers and try to keep the shipping or handling fees to the minimum in order to convert more and more visitors into valuable customers.
  • Keeping the customers informed about the pros and cons of the products and conveying the expected time for delivery will work to your advantage too as most customers would be keen to know how soon their chosen product will reach them.
  • Remember to include a FAQ page so that the prospective customer is fully satisfied with all his/her queries being answered before confirming an order.
  • Adding your contact details along with a click to call button will no doubt act in your favor as quite a number of visitors would like to check your company’s credentials before entering their credit card details.
  • Have multiple payment options displayed in spite of having to shell out a trifle more money for credit card charges. It will help you to convert all interested visitors who would have moved on to a competitor otherwise.
  • Replacement and returns are a vital success factor for online sellers. Customer include the return policy in their purchase decision. Clear and easy refund and return policies will help your ecommerce website to stand behind the products you are selling.

Feel free to comment and tell us about the method that works for you. Good Luck!