As more people are beginning to use smartphones for their daily online and offline activities, mobile apps are becoming increasingly important to determine consumer involvement. In fact, mobile apps are now becoming central to how people choose to interact with the online world. Statistics have revealed that a huge percentage of people use mobile apps everyday to search for information, stay in touch with friends and colleagues, shop for goods and perform a range of other functions. In such a scenario, it is only practical for ecommerce sites to focus on developing a sound m-commerce strategy for their business.

M-commerce or Mobile Apps for E-commerce

Mobile apps for ecommerce, also known as m-commerce apps, are powerful applications that are used by different online stores for providing their consumers with a more engaging shopping experience. These apps perform all the functions that are commonly attributed to a particular ecommerce store, such as display of products, handling online payments, confirming deliveries, etc. Having a well designed and functional app is crucial for business nowadays and ecommerce companies in India have significantly benefitted from investing in the development of iOS Apps and Android apps for ecommerce.

Here are some of the ways in which m-commerce apps can help online stores to grow further:

Greater brand building scope

Mobile apps for ecommerce offer online stores to establish their brands in a more comprehensive way as consumers once starting to use an app will not remove it from his/her mobile unless something has gone majorly wrong. This allows ecommerce stores to reach to their consumers directly and promote their business and products in a more intimate and effective manner. These apps can let consumers know all the latest updates of the shop and information about new products as and when they occur.

Cost effectiveness

Ecommerce apps allow businesses to promote their enterprise more effectively at far lesser costs. Moreover, apps are easier to build up and maintain than websites, and frequently offer far reaching results. The enhanced sales opportunities that come with apps also make it possible for companies to enjoy quicker stock clearance which in turn reduces the overall maintenance or stocking costs.

Helps to bring in new customers

Once a mobile ecommerce app is developed, it will always be available in the app store for the consumers to download and use. This will provide an online store with opportunities to develop new customer base at all times.

Enhanced sales opportunities

As mobile ecommerce apps come with efficient designs and easy functionalities, they provide users with a quality shopping experience. This in turn automatically increases the overall number of sales within a given period.

Having an edge over competitors

With a good app to support online store business, companies can expect to beat competition in a major way. A mobile ecommerce app can serve as an extremely potent tool to reach out to consumers and enhance business when used in a strategic manner. By always being there within a smartphone, it allows an ecommerce store to promote itself without being too loud.

Ecommerce stores such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal and Jabong all have their very own mobile apps to engage customers in a more strong way than ever. Statistics have revealed that having apps for ecommerce transactions have helped them in enhancing their profits to a great degree. Some ecommerce stores such as Bangalore-based Myntra are gradually shifting to an m-commerce only model for carrying out their business. While this trend is still new and might seem bold to some, companies who are opting for such a business model believe that as more people are going to use ecommerce apps in the future, it is only practical to shift to an m-commerce only model as apps are easier and cheaper to run and maintain.

Just having an ecommerce app for your online store is not going to bring you the success you truly deserve; you also need to make sure that it is designed and developed in the best manner to achieve the maximum results. If you are looking for a firm that can develop Android or iPhone ecommerce apps for your business, then you can get in touch with us at WHTL as we have the app development skills that you would ideally need for attaining success in your online business. WHTL is a web and mobile development company in Bangalore known for delivering high end ecommerce app development solutions to companies. So contact us today for all your m-commerce app requirements.