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Category: Magento

Online shopping has completely transformed the way people buy their necessary goods. To attain success with online business, the first and the most important thing that one requires is a well made eCommerce website. Among the various ecommerce website development platforms that are used extensively, one that deserves special mention is the Magento. It is an open source ecommerce web development platform which has attained high popularity due to its superior performance, scalability and top quality components and features. This has certainly made it perfect for an eCommerce web portal development project plan.
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Is your product description or short description spaced out in magento even though you haven’t added any line breaks? It happens because magento adds automatic line breaks into the content description and short description area using the PHP’s nl2br function.
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The Order grid in Magento admin (its under Sales -> Orders) displays following columns by default:

Order #
Purchased On
Bill to Name
Ship to Name
Shipping Country
G.T. (Base)
G.T. (Purchased)

Do you want to add a custom attribute / column to the Orders grid in Magento admin OR for that matter remove a column that you don’t need? Here is how you can do it:
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To get number of cart items in Magento e.g. to display in the mini-cart or header of your Magento e-commerce website, you can call the getSummaryCount() function in Mage Helper file checkout/cart:

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By default, Magento contains States list only for USA and there is no provision in the Magento admin to add or modify list of states for a country. So if you want to add states for any other country to display e.g. in shopping cart or checkout page, you can execute the following sql queries through phpMyAdmin or MySQL console as outlined in the two steps below:
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